About Us

“Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. I was most impressed by the calibre of all your staff. Every one of them whom I met was kind and helpful and welcoming. I won't mention any individuals for fear of leaving someone out, but I would like to thank all of them”

Isobel Stevenson

It is I who must thank FMC and the entire FMC family for your love, care, warmth and hospitality while we were there. Each and everyone of you went more than the extra mile for us and you all (without exception) did it with a smile always!! This is much more than I can say for any other place I’ve stayed in. I really also felt that the entire team at FMC were one big family – and that is no mean achievement for a team that big. Congratulations to you all for being such a close knit team.

Thank you so much for your warmth. I look forward to visiting again next year and I’m sure you know without my saying so that my son Evan will too.

With warm regards,
Frontier Management Centre (FMC) is a conference and banquet facility run by a nonprofit trust New Frontiers India which has religious, charitable, educational and social objectives. FMC was started in the year 2000 and has constantly supported the activities of the Trust to fulfill its objectives.

Vision Statement

"To provide an experience for our customers that will create raving fans and customers who want to brag about us"

Mission Statements

FMC aims to honor God through;
  • Providing quality facilities and services in a warm and friendly atmosphere so that people from all backgrounds may grow and benefit.
  • Create wealth for our staff so that their God given gifts and abilities may be used and developed.
  • Committing ourselves to integrity in our business and personal relationships with suppliers, clients, guests and staff, holding ourselves accountable to God's law as expressed in the Bible.
  • Serving all those who use FMC in an efficient, friendly and respectable way.
  • Generating wealth which can be used to help people in need throughout India.

Quality Policy

FMC is committed to provide quality facilities/services to our customers, both in house and offsite, with focused efforts on continual improvements in
  • System process and technology
  • Empowering the staff to take decisions and improve their leadership skills
  • Mutual beneficial relationship with suppliers for quality products.